Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fear of Imminent Executions

Amnesty International

Fear of Imminent Execution
IRAN Shahrbano Nedam (f), aged 50
Tayebeh Hojjati (f) Akram (f), aged 35 ]
Soheila (f), aged 28 ] full names not known to Amnesty International
Zahra (f), aged 30 ]
According to the newspaper E’temad, at least two women are scheduled to be executed in Evin Prison in Tehran on 5 March. Three others are at risk of imminent execution. All except one of the women were convicted of murdering their husbands. The Head of the Judiciary has the power to order a suspension of their executions at this stage.Shahrbano Nedam was convicted of killing her husband 11 years ago. She denies killing him, but said she initially confessed to the murder, for fear that her son would be accused instead. Shahrbano Nedam claims her husband committed suicide. A forensic examination reportedly concluded that this was a possibility.

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saggezard said...

I wonder why does the Islamic republic usually not disclose the last name of the execution prisoners, is it not to shame the families or is it to prevent people from finding out from family members the real story?