Monday, March 31, 2008

Iran the Broker???

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Kuwaiti paper AlQabas, which has been close to the negotiations-story, says there were three Iraqi members of parliament at the sessions with Moqtada on the weekend, namely Hadi AlAmari who is also secretary general of the Badr Organization (Supreme Council military wing); Ali AlAdeeb, a member of the wing of the Dawa party that is still headed by Maliki; and a third person, Qasem AlSahlani, described as a member of the political bureau of the "Dawa Party-Iraq Organization", which is a wing of the Dawa party that has split from Maliki, and is headed by former Prime Minister Jaafari.The McClatchy story that has taken America by storm this morning mentions only the first two, leaving out AlSahlani. And it says the whole purpose of their trip was "to win the support of the commander of *Iran's Qods Brigades", to persuade Moqtada to "order his followers to stop military operations." And McClatchy quotes a member of the Iraqi List, Osama Nejafi, to the effect that the "Iran was part of the problem and an effective part of the negotiations."...

* The General, Qassem Suleimani, is named on U.S. Treasury Department and U.N. Security Council watch lists for alleged involvement in terrorism and the proliferation of nuclear and missile technology

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