Friday, April 04, 2008

Heaven and Hell

daily consciousness tune-up 04.04.08
There is a wonderful story about a man who leaves the world and arrives at the pearly gates, where he is given a preview of heaven and hell. Both scenarios have the exact same setting: people sitting around a huge pot of stew, each holding a wooden spoon with a very long handle. In hell, he sees emaciated people trying to feed themselves, but try as they might, they're not able to get the food into their mouths using the cumbersome spoons.In heaven, on the other hand, the people look healthy, with nice, rosy complexions. The difference is that in heaven, they're feeding each other using their long spoons. They're sharing, because they understand that the only way they can eat, have the real fulfillment and sustenance that they need, is by taking care of one another.What is hell? Hell is not having the ability to share with others.

Which scenario will you choose today?

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