Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Deja Vu

"With Sunni rage rising and Mr. Hariri discredited in the eyes of many, some now worry that al-Qaeda-style radical Islamists could fill the void and give deadly direction to the anti-Shia sentiment, as in Iraq."

Is Hizballah 'resisting' Israel or it's own sunni "brethern"?? Thanks to the Islamic Repbulic, the poor Lebanese have to wage this proxy war to the last Sunni, Druze, Christian, Catholic Lebanese. Skirmishes will go on, blood unfortunately will continue to flow, sectarian hatred may become even more inflamed, brutal mob confrontations will take place...very similar to what happened in Iran during the revolution that eventually was hijacked by the illiterate, bigoted and criminal shia hordes of Khomeini jihadist who are now ruling Iran.

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Azarmehr said...

history repeats itself and yet those who should never learn from it.