Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ahmadinejad: "U.S. is worried about Emam Zaman"

U.S. worried about Emam Zaman (Imam Mahdi in occultation)
Ahmadinejad says U.S. invaded Iraq fearing the resurrection of 12th Shia Imam

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Partial Transliteration: ....On the surface, it appears that those who invaded Iraq did that because of oil and stealing treasures from the region, but when you peel away the layers, they have analyzed the situation and they have become aware that there is going to be a major event in this region where a devine hand will appear and destroy the roots of injustice and sufferings....Imam in Occultation is very busy managing the world...


Georg said...

Here in the West, too, we have some sects which regularly foresee the end of the World, a kind of Judgment Day, Doomsday, events like that.

If I understand you correctly, this occultation Imam is official in your country.

As to your President, just looking at him, I can't help seeing that he is full of Western stuff:

- numerical wrist watch
- Western-style white shirt
- Western-style jacket

Why don't you try to be a little more yourself?


Christina said...

I believe it's really great to see a world leader today who so deeply BELIEVES in spirituality. I feel he is being persecuted even in his own country for publicly stating his faith in the traditional Shia religious beliefs.
There was much coverage in the West of some Ayatollahs saying he should stick to the economy, but God comes first over the economy, though that must also be improved. But notice that his statements on the Imam Zaman are usually in religious forums, such as talking to religious students in Mashhad or this Friday Prayer in Teheran, it looks like.
I heartily commend him making known his mystical beliefs in the Imam Zaman's help to him in ruling Iran. It is not just intriguing, but should be a model for all countries' leaders, to place themselves beneath the direction of God, even in daily affairs. Secular Western countries have forgotten God entirely, to their extreme detriment.
Also one notes that when the Pres of Columbia University with such terribly tacky bad manners introduced Ahmedinejad as "a petty, cruel dictator", he didn't take it as a personal affront, but prayed to the Imam Zaman to turn that to good profit. This is a spiritually advanced thing to do, no matter what your religion!