Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ayatollah Khamenie: "Persapolis Is a Throne of Hatred!"

The latest anti-Iranian drivel by the Supreme Leader of Ignorance, Ayatollah Khamenie. This is akin to Americans in 2000 years from now slamming the forefathers of the greates democracy on earth.

Again, thanks to Focus Pocus for translating and bringing this latest travesty to our attention:

"This is a partial translation of Khameni’s latest anti Iranian diatribe in Fars province as recorded by ISNA, Iranian Students News Agency:

The leader of Islamic Republic of Iran, on Wednesday morning and during a gathering with Fars province’s governor and authorities declared that Persepolis or Takht-e-Jamshid is the symbol of tyranny and that it belongs to Iran’s pre Islamic Revolution’s tyrannical rulers and it’s merely a symbol of despotism of the past and it’s a throne of hatred for all true Iranian Moslems who will have to gaze upon its site! If at any point there were any doubts about Islamic Republic’s disdain for Iranians, their culture and their heritage, this should now be adequate proof.Additionally, Khamenei said that the achievements, art and literature of Iran only came to matter after the advent of Islam and Iranians' conversion to the good religion!"


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