Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Islamic Republic Judge Commits Suicide in Prison

Potkin: Its hard to keep up with all the news of corruption and immoral behaviour by the Islamic Republic officials these days. On the one hand protests by the Zanjan students have resulted in the removal of the vice chancellor of the university after he was caught red handed sexually soliciting a student girl, and on the other hand Islamic Police Chief Commander Reza Zareii is quietly released after having been caught in a brothel with six prostitutes.Iranian blogs reported an Islamic Judge by the name of Fallah in the city of Bijar committed suicide in prison. Judge Fallah was arrested a while ago for raping a 13 year old boy along with two other accomplices in a residential house in a drunken orgy.As we say in Persian, you put salt on things which rot, pity the day that salt itself rots. The rot within the Islamic Republic, which was supposed to have been a utopia of decency and moral behaviour, is so deep it is simply unstoppable.

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