Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Part of an interview with Ayatollah Khomeini few months before revolution



by Anonymous4now on Tue Jun 17, 2008 10:00 PM CDT

Khomeini makes two important points here. One is that he says he does not approve of the way the wealth of the nation is being circulated and spent on “ayyashi” (debauchery) and that he wants to monopolize the circulation and the avenue for spending that wealth, according to his sensibilities. Too bad no one listened to, or saw through, him.

The second point is that the imam himself, the ultimate pursuer of independence and the bastion of protection against foreign intervention, believes that the peoples of the world, and the governments of the world, should step in and affect a regime change in Iran to save Iranians from Human Rights abuses and the tyranny of the regime. It is an irony, that the rest of the world is taking his advice to remove his tyrannical regime and his legacy from Iran, and end the ultimate abuse of Human Rights; a nuclear weapon in the hands of the mullahs.
Still there are those who are not listening to him (NIAC, CASMII, etc).

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