Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thank God She is American
Rocker born in Iran is a genetics professor at Harvard
Watch the program (NOVA) on PBS

PARDIS C. SABETI, MD, PhD, profiled Wednesday night on NOVA Science Now [Watch]. Sabeti is lead singer & guitarrist of THOUSAND DAYS-"ABSCENSE" with Bob Katsiaficis & Dana Goulet. Pardis C. Sabeti is also a Rhodes Scholar, M.D. Ph.D (Biological anthropologist), and Assistant Professor at Harvard University. (BROAD INSTITUTE-HARVARD & MIT) Pardis C. Sabeti is ranked as #49 among the top 100 living geniuses. She is working and studying how the genetics of human DNA populations have evolved to resist Malaria and Lassa fever using modern tools such as HapMap, Human Genome Project, DNA Sequencing, etc.

Thank God that although she was born in Iran, now she is an American. Because let's face it, in Iran the mullahs would be more interested to see that her head is covered rather than caring about what's inside her skull. She would also be considered as half-human being in comparison to men, according to sharia.

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