Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Islamic Republic of Drug Addicts!


katayoun said...

Dear Serendip:

There is something dreadful about seeing such pictures; a pain that is difficult to get rid of, a pain that is sharp and suffocating...
and I wonder how we ought to bare such pain?!

Winston said...

so freaking sad and brutal. what's become a rich and resourceful country like Iran? Is this the heaven the Mullahs promised? shameful

Python said...

According to this account , drugs are not being stopped at their source , but instead in many cases being purveyed through government sources themselves to addicts.

It is good that outreach has occured and that people are finally getting treatment for both drugs and the threat of Aids .

But with 10% hard drug addictions it is going to take more than an NGO to help these people out of their problem.

The government has to take steps to curb and even stop the import export trade through Iran and further to the entire globe .

the abundance of the drug in Iran itself causes it to be much cheaper and more widely available to it's citizens .

Islamist terrorists are deriving financial support through this trade in using Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan as the major supplier of these illicit drugs. so actually the need for a war on drugs is imminent in the east.

TO avoid the pain many people feel from having to acknowledge these truths , governments must be fair enough to realize that they must deal with their neighbors firmly but fairly to stop the Drug trade crops in Afghanistan by using new and more lucrative incentives on agricultural trade .

Instead of the Poppy grow the Potatoe and Grains and share in the beneficial supper of those who need daily sustenance over the need of daily drugs.

In the end No amount of government and religious resolve will cure this issue , this takes the will of a free people who are willing to make a better world for themselves and their neighbors through the choices in establishing their own government and being provided the tools to combat the easy way out by growing drug crops instead of badly needed food crops.