Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Islamic Republic of Necroracy

IRI's preocupation with death has led Robert Fisk to call Iran an infantile necrocracy in his latest essay on the 30th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

Here is the latest evidence confirming the accuracy of his observation. Last week, The "martyr Cultivating" (Shahid Parvar) IRI nation decided to bury the bodies of "Unknown Soldiers" who were killed some 20 years ago during the Iraq-Iran war in the Middle of Amir Kabir University Campus. This propagandists behavior was confronted by mass student protest against turning the university into a Cemetery.

Potkin has the latest on brutal assault against the students by the Islamists thugs (basiji):

Seventy students are reported to have been arrested after the protests by AKU students against propaganda burial of 'unknown martyrs'. Seven are reported to be in critical condition in hospital after having been physically attacked by Ansar Hizbullah hired thugs and twenty five are hiding in the student dormitories while the Islamic regime's forces have surrounded the university but as yet have decided not to enter the university grounds and attack the dormitories, in case another 9th of July student uprising takes place.

So, what's the real motivation behind such a childish and vile propaganda? Ms. Amiri explains in her essay, "Bones Really matter":

The truth is that this policy of IRI’s rulers is not at all to honor the Iran-Iraq War veterans, but it is to claim religious and ideological ownership over Iranian universities, to ensconce requisite “guards” and “caretakers” for the sites who might come in “handy” if student protests break out, and thus to arrange pro-regime (basiji) presence where they have been resisted for three decades.

It's abundantly clear that the IRI uses/have used the dead as a propaganda tool since its inception in 1979 (see the gory Fountain of Blood in Behesht Zahara cemetery). In fact, the dead or the martyrs are IRI's most valuable assets/props against any form of political dissent because it exploits the war martyrs' heroism to defend their country to revamp some sort of legitimacy in the face of growing illegitimacy as the rulers of Iran. It reminds me of the proverb, "The lions roar the loudest when nights are the darkest".

IRI celebrates the dead to silence the living.

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