Monday, February 26, 2007

Bahrain: Same Sex School are Hot Bed Of Lesbian Activity!

A LEADING child psychologist has backed claims by a Bahraini MP that girls' schools have become a hotbed of lesbian activity.Batelco Centre for Family Violence Victims president Dr Banna Bu Zaboon added that all non-mixed schools in the Gulf are encountering a surge in homosexuality.
She said many girls she came across had admitted to having homosexual encounters at school.
However, Dr Bu Zaboon added this was not a new phenomenon.
"I don't think that this issue is new to our society," she told the GDN.

"It has been a problem for quite a while now, but it has been treated on an individual basis.
"Many college students that I have spoken to have admitted to me that during their days in government schools, they came across this phenomenon on a daily basis."

However, Dr Bu Zaboon said that many girls who enter same-sex relationships are not even lesbians.
"It only appears to be a side-effect these students are getting from going to an all-girl school, because after treating them they came to know that it was only a phase they were going through," she said.


Sherry said...

And they talk about Americans being immoral? Heh heh heh. Now who's immoral?

Gayle said...

Sex hormones and youth; what an unfortunate combination! It's too bad that the hormones don't wait to kick in until after a person has reached adulthood and knows how to handle them.

blank said...

I do not believe the lesbians are a world threat. They obviously subscribe to the motto, "make love, not suicide bombers."

I know many Christians think homosexuality is the greatest evil on earth, but when I compare it to suicide bombers, and terrorism which kill innocent men, women and children then the lesbians look pretty tame by comparison.

With that said, the Bible teaches sin, is sin, is sin, without degree for all sin is transgression. Therefore, those political and religious leaders trying to save the world from gays and lesbians who tell a single white lie are equal in sin to those evil people they are trying to subdue.

Anonymous said...

Its good that newspapers in Bahrain now treat the subject in a mature manner. I thought it was a really interesting series of articles - and surprising considering its a Middle Eastern state.

Anonymous said...

kick ass !