Monday, February 05, 2007

More Stamps From the Jihadist Islamic Republic

...where flowers can become missiles...petals can become war heads and stems can become revolvers and sword of Islam cutting off the United Nation's hand. Don't you just love
the delicate symbolism of tranquility of the religion of peace offered to all infidels...

h/t: samira


blank said...

Good posting on anti-American Iranian stamps.

A Jacksonian said...

Tonight my thoughts go to the People of Iran.

From the reports this may be the start of the *end* of the regime. The time for America and Americans to stand with the People of Iran is coming if not here.

May the Sons and Daughters of Liberty never forget that no matter what our pains, others suffer worse when we do not stand for Liberty... for Freedom. May we find the courage to stand with the People of Iran as their hour of need draws near.

Or be cursed for cowards by those that come after us... if any remember us at all.

SERENDIP said...

Ajacksonian: I really hope so.

That Iran stands today able to challenge or even defy the United States in every sphere of American influence in the Middle East, attests to the dismal failure of the Clinton and Bush administrations' policy toward it during the last 14 years. Although ideally direct negotiation between the United States and Iran should be the first resort to resolve the nuclear issue, as long as Tehran does not feel seriously threatened, it seems unlikely that the clergy will at this stage end the nuclear program. In possession of nuclear weapons Iran will intimidate the larger Sunni Arab states in the region, bully smaller states into submission, threaten Israel’s very existence, use oil as a political weapon to blackmail the West, and instigate regional proliferation of nuclear weapons’ programs. Don't our realists know that jihad is not amenable to pragmatism and diplomacy?

Bardia said...

yes, and this is the reason for who call muslims " terrorist ".
Our childeren are frightened of watching islamic tv's programs.
You can't believe how they try to clean their brains instead of truth.
Iranian love all kind of people particulary Americans, because they have not any problem with UsA. but please be careful, the government of islamic republic are not Iranian, as you know they came from Arab country. any people of Iran are not concerned about Nuclear programs.