Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Iran's Ahmadinejad sends letter to American people

Reuters Photo

The demagogue-in-Chief is at it again. Another PR stunt for domestic consumption to rally his zombified base, the Basijis (paramilitary vigilantes on welfare) and his brainwashed "soldiers of Allah or Mahdi"(his suicide brigade). The tyrant-in-Chief has no shame talking about justice and dignity while he has killed at least 2 political dissidents per day since he took office. He has no shame while he sends $300 million to Hizballah and $120 million to Hamas, thousands of Iranian workers go hungry and unpaid for months. He has the audacity to mention 'Katrina victims' and talk about the poor in the US while poverty, drug addiction (1 out of 16 is a drug addict), and prostitution (see my previous post, "next to oil, exporting prostitutes is the Islamic Republic's biggest trade")rages in Iran. According to regime's own statistics, 40% of Iranians live below poverty level. I'm horrified by this man's malignant narcissim and megalomania. He is truly a disturbed individual.

If the American people want to know what the Iranian people, why don't they ask them directly, instead of listening to the lies of their undemocratically elected butcher who executes and tortures his own citizens everyday?

If the Iranian peoples' response to September 11 is any guide - they held candlelight vigils to sympathize with the victims of the terrorist tacks, while many Arab countries/people were out celebrating and dancing in the streets- then Americans should be pleasantly surprised when comparing the reality to the illusory picture painted by the mainstream media.

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