Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Contrast from the Present

I am posting an essay that I know you will find interesting, written by Allan Peters of Anti-mullah. Difficult to cut as every word is informative, I give you the whole thing:

A contrast from the present

Ahmadi-Nejad's Iran of today revels in the imminent prospect of nuclear weapons for national prestige, hiding the ills of the nation under this distraction.

He recently spent $300 million on Hamas and Hezbollah, $523 million on re-equipping the mostly Arab mercenary suppression brigades called the Bassij - and $700 million on a nuclear power plant he does not need but helps buy off the Russians. Who, incidentally have around 50,000 consultants/advisors inside Iran sending home about $50 million a month back to mother Russia.

All this in addition to the cost of weapons and equipment Iran provides terrorists in Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank.

Arabs - because Iranians, inured as they are to atrocities by the Mullahs, still hesitate to implement the vicious methods used to suppress dissent in public - though it is Iranians who torture, maim and kill alleged political opponents inside prisons, where they are hidden from the public eye.

One insiduous method uses condemned felony criminals, murderers, drug smugglers, rapists and street thugs to do the dirty work.

These are transfered from criminal prisons to where political prisoners are held to threaten their safety and pick fights and beat or kill (with total immunity from the authorities) the political philosophers, who are rarely athletic or able to match physical strength with the worst of the worst criminal element.

The seemingly "secular" Iranian President, whose fanatical Hojatieh sect beliefs require global meltdown and the most intense of human suffering everywhere to invite back their Redeemer, the 12th Imam, also revels at the thought of being the man who brought down the world as we know it. With Israel for starters.

And thus prove faithful to his creed and in his megolomaniac fashion fulfill his destiny. He already spoke of his entrancing halo at the United Nations, how the 12th Imam, with whom he has a signed contract (thrown down the Jamaran well where the young 12th Imam disappeared 1,300 years ago), who speaks to him and guides his actions; how he has a mission to complete Khomeini's unfinished work of a global Islamic society without nations, borders or any other religion surviving the Islamic holocaust. Specially destroying all Christianity.

He has begun urging his countrymen to have lots of children - as he needs the cannon fodder - blithely ignoring the 400,000 homeless, starving, freezing in the winter, dying in the streets, children he has on his hands just in the capital city of Tehran. Nationwide, the number goes into the millions. Specially if you include the abandoned women, who live in the streets, surviving - like the children - as best they can. Ready to do anythig to have food inside them.

One of Iran's major exports has become prostitutes. From the vast reservoir of girls in Iran, who have only this option or suicide. Statitstics of suicides - boys and girls are horrific.

Three hotels in Dubei, owned by the Mullah regime, have nightly auctions in the basement, of Persian girls - for an hour, a night or depending on the price paid for longer. Islam permits temporary "concubine" type marriages along those lines, so the religious imperatives are obeyed in conducting this vile business.

For the girls, this offers a far better life than they would have on the streets or at a multitude of Mullah brothels inside Iran. All of which is the tip of the iceberg of the enslavement of women in Iran.

The hundreds of millions of dollars thrown away to terrorists in other countries, notably Hamas, Hezbollah and more recently in Eastern Europe and South America, would be better spent on looking after the street people that never existed prior to the Mullahs.

Family law under the Shah did not allow husbands the right to simply throw a wife into the street for disobeying their "lord and master" husband - as is the case under the Sharia Islamic laws under the Mullahs. And orphanages abounded under direct supervision of the royals, so children did not suffer in the streets of face cold and hunger.

In the good old days orphanage children were guaranteed work when they grew up, in some branch of government - often in the police force or other law enforcement agencies.
Critics will cite pomp and glory under the Shah while the country still had poverty. Which country does not?

But the weak and helpless were looked after - not thrown into dealing and using drugs (some 30% of the populace is reportedly in the user/dealercategory), forced into both male and female prostitution or with suicide the only remaining option.

Amazingly, there are Iranians (and others) in the USA and in Europe who adamently support Ahmadi-Nejad for "standing up to the West" and for "his principles", totally ignoring anything else than the simplistic charade he presents on behalf of the Mullahs.

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