Thursday, November 30, 2006

Khomeini's Manifest Destiny being Fulfilled

Translation of the words in the bubble: The Road to Jeursalem Passes Through Karbala (a city in Iraq) Quods=Jeursalem Source

Appeasers of all stripes argue that Iran has not invaded any country in over 250 years. Iranian ambassador to the United Nation, Javad Zarif, reitratred this falsehood with no reporters challenging him while he was speaking to reporters on March 29, 2006 at UN headquarters in New York.

The fact is one of the goals Khomeini set out for his "Islamic Government" (his Mein Kampe) was to recapture Jerusalme for Islam (Qudos in Persian). To accomplish this goal, he did not accept Sadam Hossein's offer to end of hostilities in the first two years of the Iran-Iraq war.

Once defeated and driven out of Iran Sadam hossein with the help of other Arabian countries offered to pay war reparation amounting to billions of dollars, enough to load thousands of elephants, horses, and camels.

Khomeini often talked about uniting Sunnies and Shias. Khomeini had grand plans, including expanding his empire to Jerusalam, for Islam, and repeatedly said the war is going to continue even if it takes twenty years. Ayetollah khomeini dreamed of a 20,000.000 army. You would often hear in those days was that the "PATH TO JERUSALEM PASSES THROUGH KARBALA (a major city in Iraq).

To reach Jerusalam, after conquring Iraq, Khomeini would have had to attack or at least bring into the war other countries namely Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Palestine. The fact that he was defeated does not diminish the fact that he intended to liberate (i.e. invade) Palestine, and free it from the occupying "Zionist regime".

Many appeasers, Iranians or Americans on the left, want us to believe that the regime in Iran has maintained friendly relations with its neighbors but that is not true. Once the flame of war starts, it will spread quickly as everyone knows and that certainly was true with the Iran-Iraq war. In June 1984, Iranian and Saudi Arabian jet fighters were involved in an aerial battle, where one or two Iranian jets were destroyed. During the same periodKuwaiti oil facilities and tankers were attacked and destroyed by Iranians, and overall hundreds of ships belonging to several countries were also attacked and damaged during the Tanker War.

In July 31,1987 Iranian pilgrims in Mecca tried to stage a political demonstration against the rulers of Saudi Arabia who were allies of Iraq. Security forces used firearm and over 400 Iranian, Saudi Arabian, and citizens of other countries were killed. The following day about one million people demonstrated in Tehran, and attacked Saudi Arabia and Kuwait’s embassies and demanded the overthrow of their rulers. Meanwhile the Saudi’s were issuing the sternest warnings that they would not tolerate any violation of their territories or interference in their domestic affairs.

In the same period Iran and Pakistani backed Taliban nearly entered into a war when Afghanis killed nine Iranian diplomats and officials in 1988.

So, the argument that Iran historically has had friendly relations with its neighbors is ludicrous. It wasn’t there with (clockwise) the Russians when we lost a good chunk of Persia to them and were occupied by them under Stalin, it wasn’t there when we fought the Afghans under Mahmud and lost our claim to it when they were under the British, it wasn’t there with the Pakistanis (India), not there with the Persian Gulf countries (Bahrain and Oman), and not there with the Ottomans (Turkey), and we were definitely not friendly with the Iraqis.

Is Iran fulfilling Khomeini's manifest destiny? It certainly appears that way if the so-called 'realists' get their way.

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