Friday, November 24, 2006


Iran Press News reported on the excution of five young men in a gymnasium in the province of Golestan and another five in Khorasan. And excerpt:

According to the regime-run site ISKA News, 5 young men were publicly hung on Sunday, November 19th, in an athletic center, in the township of Minoodasht, province of Golestan. The names of the executed are: Khashayar J., Abol-Ghassem H., Ruhollah T., Hassan B., Ismail B. The five had been charged with Kidnapping.

ISKA News wrote: "The 5 individuals were finally punished at the gallows, and their hanging was witnessed by hundreds of people at the Minoodasht athletic center."

It is worth mentioning that the criminal regime of the Taliban in Afghanistan also publicly executed convicts in athletic centers in Kabul.

Agence France Presse reported that the Islamic regime has hanged at least 122 people – that are known of - so far during, the first 6 months of 1385 (March 21, 2006 through August 21, 2006) Iranian calendar year*. Do the Math!

According to Amnesty International, figures announced in connection with those executed in Iran, are only the ones that are officially announced by the state media; the real numbers are known to be much more than actually reported.

The names listed on this website are those of individuals whose violent death is attributed to the Islamic Republic of Iran, or to agents acting on its behalf.

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