Thursday, November 23, 2006

Trombone Needed

The following request was addressed to Andi Grant, President and Founder, Give 2 The Troops, Inc. and forwarded to me by another friend.

Dear Sir or Madam,My name is CPT Jorge Rosario, I'm the Company Commander for FCompany, 3-25 Aviation Regiment currently station in COB Speicher,Iraq. I was referred to your organization by Kristen Holloway,President Operation Troop Appreciation. With the Christmas seasonquickly approaching I'm looking for the following musical instrumentsin order to have a Christmas concert. I'm looking for a violin, cello, trumpet,
trombone and a karaoke machine. I understand this is a big list with a shorttimeline. I apologize for the late request, but I've only been inCommand for three weeks. I have the honor and privilege to lead thebest Soldiers in the Army, and the least I could do is try to helpthem put together a concert that will benefit more than just ourunit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Sincerely,

CPT Jorge A. Rosario


As of today, all the instruments have been donated except a trombone ( Andi decided that a cello was just too big to ship to Iraq and I donated my Selmer Cornet).

Somewhere out there is a trombone not being used. Help us find it ASAP. Andi's Web site is Her E-Mail address is Send the trombone to her USPS address: 196 West St., Rocky Hill, CT 06067-2554

Happy Thanksgiving

Source: Anti-Mullah

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