Tuesday, December 05, 2006

From: Bella To: Nana with Love


RoxieAmerica said...

News: Amadinejad caught on TV watching women dancing in front of men.

Adorable picture.

Congratulations on the courage of the Canadian wishing to sever ties with Ahmadinejad's mullah madness regieme.

SERENDIP said...

LOL...He is a repressed pervert...
The picture is my cat, Bella. She is so lovely.

I wish all the other European countries displayed the same
kind of courage and determination to fight this meancing regime.

Anonymous said...

Cool picture- cats have that wonderful imploring I want food look in their eyes. Her eyes are really beautiful.

Ahmenidejad- yeah definitely repressed. Have you read 1984 that one sign of a failing regime is that it fails to live up to its own standards hence demonstrating that those standards are themselves ridiculous.

SERENDIP said...

gracchi: I really hope you're right. I read an article a few days ago which made me realize how deep the problem is in Iran. I'll try to find the link and will post it when I can.