Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gender Apartheid in Iran

Azarmehr, a UK based blogger has the most brilliant and important post regarding the struggle of Iranian women for the past 27 years. I'm going to reprint it entirely because it's so important to know these historical facts to rebutt the moral and cultural relativist of all persuation:

27 Years of Women's Struggle in Iran

Thanks to youtube.com, some interesting video clips have been posted which demonstrate the struggle of women against the religious apartheid in Iran. A just and worthy cause which never really got the support of the active feminist groups in the West. I suppose it was not anti-American enough for them to deserve any solidarity actions!

The clip below is from the early post-revolution days. Thousands of Iranian women demonstrate against the compulsory veil. To watch the video, click here:

Lots of interesting points in the clip. For example, the support shown by some women who themselves are observing the Islamic veil but at the same time, demand freedom of choice on what to wear by women. The solidarity shown by the nurses as the demonstrators pass a hospital. The Iranian men who supported the women and joined their demo. The young school girls, unaware of what is coming their way in the near future, and statements by Leftist intellectuals who were still under a delusion that they could achieve equal rights by taking part in an Islamic revolution which brought the fundamentalists to power. Most of the clip is self explanatory, shame about the biased partisan commentary.

and here is another clip of their struggle, 27 years later: Click


Winston said...

I just saw your comments at TARANNOM persian weblog and I was disappointed to see that you think Neo-Cons and Mullahs are the same.

Do you really believe it or it was just a silly joke?

It's tragic that many people don't see the differences. It's really tragic......

SERENDIP said...

Winston: You need to read the book. Frankly, I don't know much about neocons beside what I've been reading in this book. I truly hope the book is wrong. Before reading this book, I considered myself a wanna be neocon. So, I really don't know what to think after reading this book.

Michael said...

When you see the actions of the Iranian regime (or the Sudanese, or Syrian, or PA, etc.), and then you hear how they want to wipe out America or Israel, and how they are always the loudest condemners of any perceived slight (especially from Israel), you have to wonder:

Why are the worst offenders always the first to point the finger?

SERENDIP said...

Dear Michael: It's called projection in DSM IV.

Anonymous said...

Good post about the position of women- as you might know I'm not sure we have the resources to attack Iran at the moment- but on the other hand alerting the world to its human rights record is still a very important thing. And its human rights record on women is ridiculously bad.

SERENDIP said...

Gracchi: It's getting even worse as we speak.