Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Student Protest in Iran

These brave students are risking their lives to demonstrate on their university campus. They are normally not arrested by the regime's goons (civilian-clothed thugs wielding clubs and chains) on the day of protest but after they've been identified and framed with trumped up charges within a week or so. If you want to help the democracy movement in Iran, please highlight and give a shout out in your blogs to their plight.

As we all know the liberal media is obssessed with covering up for the Islamic Republic. The MSM believe that by reporting the unrest in Iran (in other words, "the facts"), they are possibly lending credence to military action against Iran.
This is a horrible precedent to hide the truth from the American people.
Possibly reporting this unrest will make military/sanctions even less necessary, if it is possible that the Iranian regime will collapse on its own.

Part of our fight against Islamic extremist terrorism must include accentuation of our Human Rights values, not actions that dilute our values and place us on the same plane as heretics who murder in the name of Allah.

Winston reports that more than 2000 students of Tehran University gathered on Wednesday to commemorate the students day and protest against the regime. Students Day has always been a strong excuse for students to get together and show their anger. Police and Islamic vigilantes kept a very close eye on the students Gooya News reports, and for hours they prevented other students to join the students gathering inside the Tehran Uni. campus.The banners read: "Death to Dictatorship", "Students For Workers", "We have nothing to lose to defend freedom", "Students & Workers, Unity Unity", "Free political prisoners now", "Boycotte the sham elections".

Pictures of the protests from Gooya News, More Images Photos by ISNA and Fars News

h/t to: Winston. Thanks.

Update 1:
Gateway pundit has a great deal more with more interesting photos.


Gayle said...

Exellent post and points.

The MSM is so morally lacking. These protests should be being broadcast on every news channel across the US. The MSM really angers me, and I wish there was some way to make them more patriotic, but they simply don't give a dang.

SERENDIP said...

What is wrong with the liberal MSM? Why are they silent? Are they infiltrated by communists/socialists?

RoxieAmerica said...

Rick Santorum, on the floor of the Senate today gave an excellent speech on the threat this nation faces, and while it likely feel on deaf ears because the nation believes appeasement works with terrorists -- um.. they should ask Israel about it -- but it will be viewed as the wrong course in the future.