Monday, February 19, 2007

An addendum to the Batebi's Story

Potkin, a UK-based blogger has this take on the brutality of the Satanic Republic and St. Andrews University honoring the representitive of this abomination:

After Khatami was given an honorary doctorate at St. Andrew's university, the Islamic regime felt more emboldened to further ill treat Batebi. He was denied prison visits and leave, and was under constant threat to be transferred to section 8 of the Evin prison alongside dangerous criminals and drug addicts. On Friday, the prison authorities attempted to remove his personal belongings from him. This was like a last straw for Batebi's already frail nerves. He reacted angrily and then suffered convulsions and was unconscious for several hours. Prison authorities transferred him to the prison hospital at first. On Sunday Batebi suffered more convulsions and was taken to Tajrish Martyrs hospital along with six armed guards, while his feet were chained together.

I am still convinced that had the NUS in St. Andrews university insisted on Batebi's release as a pre-condition for Khatami's poxy honorary doctorate, Batebi would now be free and healthy.I consider the lack of solidarity action by the St.Andrews university NUS, and in particular the cowardliness of the president of the Student Association, Tom D'Ardenne, partly responsible for the present demise of Ahmad Batebi. I hope the St. Andrews student association bear the guilt of what has happened, but then again cowards do not usually have a conscience.More pictures of Tom D'Ardenne:


RoxieAmerica said...

Sooner or later, world leaders will have face the reality of Iran's homocidal-suicidal regime.

Sherry said...

Has the UN Human Rights watchdog even done anything about this situation?