Friday, February 16, 2007

Chastity Belt Fatwa!

MYRTUS: Yet another Muslim nutjob cleric making the headlines....this time in Malaysia. He's eagerly advocating to impose the use of chastity belts on women in order to protect them from sexual predators. He claims that Europeans have been using the chastity belt since the middle ages up to as recent as the middle of the last century.
وقال أبو الحسن آل حافظ وهو أحد رجال الدين البارزين من ولاية ترينجانو إن النساء سيشعرن بالأمان وسيتجنبن أي محاولات للاعتداء الجنسي إذا ما استخدمن حواجز حول أعضائهن التناسلية.

Good God! Doesn't he know that the chastity belt is a turn on for some? Doesn't he know that it's still used all over the world even today, but solely for kinky sex?
Too funny! It appears that some kinky Muslims really do wish they were living in the middle ages, of course not realizing that most likely they would be more miserable than they are now or probably even dead, either struck by the multitude of deadly environmental diseases or the barbaric warfare that was rampant at the time...........hmm sounds familiar, sort of like the times we live in, no?
I wonder if he'd volunteer to be fitted for this one...

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gholi said...

Chastity belt for men !! it can save the world !