Saturday, March 03, 2007

Beer Launching Fridge

Just what every guy needs....

A US inventor has come up with a fridge that throws cold cans of beer to lazy drinkers.

The fridge is activated by a remote control which sets off a lift mechanism in the fridge.
The lift delivers the can to an electronic catapult, which rotates until it is lined up with its thirsty target.
It then hurls the beer up to 10ft to the drinker. It can hold a full 24-can crate - 10 beers in its magazine and 14 more in reserve.
John, 22, who has just graduated from university in North Carolina, said: "The idea was conceived when I was sitting on the sofa having a few beers.
"I thought, 'What if instead of me going to get the beer, the beer came to me?'


Sherry said...

Just what we need. More couch potatoes! LOL Now, add to that, the remote to the television. LOL

A Jacksonian said...

P.J. O'Rourke scoped that out a bit better in "The Bachelor's Home Companion" using a refrigerator with a keg and tap on the side of the fridge. Get a mini-fridge and pony keg and you are good to do for fresh brew on tap!

SERENDIP said...

Laziness is mother of all inventions???