Saturday, March 03, 2007

Crackdown follows protest during Ahmadinejad visit

Student rebels in Iran expelled and earmarked for army·
Crackdown follows protest during Ahmadinejad visit·
Compulsory service seen as government revenge

Robert Tait in Tehran:

Iranian students involved in an angry protest against the president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have been expelled and earmarked for compulsory military service in an apparent act of official retribution.
Authorities at Tehran's Amir Kabir University, a traditional hotbed of student protest, have ended the studies of 54 students, ostensibly for repeatedly failing their exams. However, most of the students singled out are political activists who took part in December's demonstration at the university at which President Ahmadinejad was greeted with chants of "death to the dictator". Many students with equally poor academic records have been allowed to continue, activists said.

This is so typical of the satanic/Stalinist Republic...Where are the liberal lefties in the West? Where do they stand on this? We are witnessing the collapse of the left's moral compass that used to be anchored in some basic decencies like a hatred of tyranny and its revolting manifestations in people's lives. The failure of 'our' left in this century to address sadistic oppression and take on scum like the runt Baathists and genocidal/suicidal millinerian shi'ite like Ahmadinejad who jails and tortures the very Muslims - pro-democracy Iranians, feminist Iranians, Iranian workers and student activists, -- we should be supporting with all our might. Instead, the left and the left-centeric media whine on about Bush in an orgy of self-indulgence while those who should naturally have been able to rely on their support die in an orgy of bloodshed.I just cannot understand how people who supposedly believe in the rights of man and enlightenment and reason can be supportive of movements that are completely fascistic. That's what we are fighting here, whether in its form of Baathist fascism or Theoconish Islamofascism. I see little to choose between them.

That they have chosen to align themselves with anti-Americanism in whatever form it comes is proof of their political idiocy and moral and spiritual bankruptcy. The parallels between the appeasers of the 30's and the modern day appeasers of the IRI and the supreme Leader of ignorance, Khamanie are scary to say the least. The lessons are clear, appeasement failed in the 30s and it will fail again now. The enemy have parallels as well, in the 30s it was a Germany led by an obsessive anti-semitic death cult, today it is a Nation-state/idea-cause (Iran) that inspires and exports its ideology of death over life internationally via vast networks of propaganda machinary, military reinforcement, and religious institutions placed strategically throught the world. Islamofascism/Khomeinism is as patently anti-modern, misogynistic homophobic and racist as the Nazis ever were. The left continues to keep silent while the ideology of terrorism continues to thrive under a regime that crush citizens that believe in freedom and universal human rights and not just medieval religous rights.That those on the left who apologise for them cannot see this is to all of our detriment.


Gayle said...

They do not see it because they don't want to see it, Serendip. Excellent post, by the way!

Truly, if they admit the evil that is taking place then they have to drop their Bush bashing long enough to do something about it. But that simply doesn't go along with their political agenda. You are right; they have indeed lost their moral compass. I pray to God that they find it!

SERENDIP said...

Thank you Gayle. I'm really disappointed and disillusioned by the whole state of affairs a this point...