Friday, March 09, 2007

Insurgents Capture 4 More Soldiers in Western Iran

Gateway pundit:** Last week the Iranian insurgent group killed two Iranian Guard members and kidnapped four others in an attack near Zahedan.They captured four more Iranian soldiers earlier today!

ADN Kronos reports that in a taped message the insurgents say they are not allied with the Taliban or Al Qaeda:
Militants with the Sunni separatist group Jondallah which is active in Iranian Baluchistan said they kidnapped on Thursday night four soldiers of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, the Pasdaran. The abduction was claimed by the group in a video message broadcast by the Dubai-based Arabic satellite television al-Arabiya.

In the video message, the voice of a man claiming to be a spokesman for Jondallah said the separatists had kidnapped an official and three soldiers with the Pasdaran and denied Tehran's claims that the group has ties with al-Qaeda."We have no contact with al-Qaeda nor with Afghanistan's Taliban," the alleged Jondallah spokesman said.Baluchistan province, close to the border with Pakistan and Afghanistan, has been at the centre of violent clashes between security officials and armed groups.Most of the violence has been attributed on Jondallah, which was founded two years ago by Abdolmalek Righi. Jondallah has since its creation claimed responsibility for 20 attacks and kidnappings of many Pasdaran officials.

The Iranian government, which has blamed ethnic unrest in the southeast on Britain and the United States, accuses Righi and his militants of being "hired by foreign powers" to carry out attacks, funded by the US and in cooperation with Pakistan's intelligence.

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I'd look closer to home for their Saudi Arabia who is afraid of them gaining power in the region...