Friday, March 09, 2007

Iranian Women Resisting Gender Apartheid

Partial translation:
Today, We have decided to express explicitly the goals of this peaceful movement and resistance.

Freedom, Liberty

We have raised you men in our bodies and we have given you men life from our own life.

Another world is possible
Freedom and Deliverance Is possible for Iranian women
This movement is going to accomplish this
This is the voice of freedom
This is the voice of revolution

We're Children of this land but we have no rights.

Iranian womens' right must be restored
The Constitution must be reformed
Women are human too

Unjust,patriarchal and cruel laws against women should be revoked
Injustice to women is injustice to humanity.

Update 1: LA Times reports that Iran arrests 10 at Women's Day rally


Rosemary said...

Hi Serendip. Do you remember the 33 women that were arrested a few days ago? Well they released 8 of them! I know. We must pressure them for the other 25, but we are being heard. I pray to God we are being heard! Thank you for this news. Have a great weekend.

Jungle Mom said...

So hard to rememebr a world like this exists! It does make me realize how good I have it,even here!

SERENDIP said...

I Know Jungle mom but it could easily be taken away if we don't fight the islamofascists.

Rosemary: They just arrested 10 more yesterday and I haven't read anything else yet..I'll keep you posted.