Sunday, May 20, 2007

Iran: Reign of Terror Reloaded

Kamangir: According to a respectable women’s rights group, today, Sunday, both in the morning and later in the evening, following the summer veil program, a group of Police officers got involved in physical struggle with the girls they questioned for their “immodesty”. According to eye wittinesses, the officers were trying to arrest the girls, but because of their restraint, a few men on the scene got involved in the incident.
A shopkeeper in 7-Tir square in Tehran mentioned later “The officers questioned three girls, aged 25- 30, for their veils. The questioning was so harsh that they reacted. A female officer started pulling a girl’s hand to get her in the police patrol, but she refused. Then, a male officer attacked the girl. That was when others got involved. The girls were taken away by passing cars safe from the police. They got into civilian cars while they had no covering and their cloths were torn away,
A taxi driver also said “In the morning, while the police was brutally questioning a girl, her cries for help enraged other people”. He also said that when the second incident happened, a mother and daughter were hit by the Police. While showing their injured faces to the people, they took off their veils. The two ladies have reportedly captured the incident on tape. The picture above shows one of the ladies.
Taking off their veils when the Police questions them for improper veils is becoming a trend in Iran. A similar incident, ten days ago, was caught on tape and posted on Youtube
Iran press News is also reporting this savagery in Persian.
Repeat of the 80's (Khaterat-e- Dahey-e 60; MUST READ comment section)


Jungle Mom said...

Awful I am alarmed here as well, Chavez, in a 4 hour speech Friday night, has said that woman should no longer color their hair, use make up, wear mini-skirts, or g-string underwear!!!!
I think he has been hanging out with Ahmadinejad too much! We were all in shock to hear this as th Venezuelan women are very fashion forward.

SERENDIP said...

JM: UNbelievable. A peruvian friend suspects that Chavez converted to Islam a while back. I don't have any proof but he sure is acting like a sharia dictator.

Rancher said...

Wow JM, it’s like he is scouring the world for the most repressive policies so that he can implement them in Venezuela. “According to a respectable women’s rights group…” I can’t help but notice that the women’s rights group wasn’t American. If you needed any more evidence after the silence of feminist groups over Slick Willie’s treatment of women the silence over Islamist extremist treatment of women should convince you of the shallow commitment to women’s rights of these groups. They exist only to further the left’s agenda, which means that their Islamic sisters should just STFU and die.