Saturday, July 28, 2007

How To Treat Women: PERSIAN Style! - Baaghe Mozafar

This video is a satire and the gist of it is that if you want your wife to fall in love with you desparetly, you should beat her up...It's supposed to be funny but I have feeling many men feel think this way for real.


Bita said...

Dear serendip,

there are Kornaic Verses that promote a terrible treatment of women.

سوره النساء:
"زنانی را به نکاح در آورید که مورد پسندتان باشند: 2 یا 3 یا 4 زن (20)، و اگر نافرمانی کنند اول آنها را نصیحت کنید، سپس از بسترشان دوری گزینید، و دست آخر کتکشان بزندی (نساء 34)، و چنانچه مورد دلپسندتان نباشد در امر طلاق آنها نگران مباشید(نساء 19).


Anonymous said...

mard bayad khashen bashe
gerd-0-gholombeh !!(2)
know the song?!

RoxieAmerica said...

I have read enough that I don't want to watch the video tonight. I don't want to go bed with the negative. Instead I shall go bed thinking, one day, women in Iran will be free of extremist religion which causes abuse.