Monday, August 27, 2007

America's Christians Helped Islam Spread

From Shades of Red, White and Blue:

The spread of Islam, both inside and outside the United States of America was aided by American Christians. American Christians refused to carry out the duties imposed upon them by the Bible. Feeding the sick, healing the ill and aiding those in poverty was not done by the Church and became the duty of the United States Government beginning in 1960s. These social programs filled the gap left by Christian churches who refused to do God's work.

When the Christian right took over the government, these programs were slashed. Even with Faith-based Chrity dollars provided by the U.S. government the Christian Churches are still not doing the work God commanded them to do. Poverty in America is increasing. Older Americans are being bankrupted by predatory health care. The Medicare perscription drug program forced American citizens with health insurance that paid 80 percent of their perscriptions to downgrade to the Medicare perscription drug plan, leaving them to pay 100 percent of the cost of perscription drugs over 2,400 (easily acheived with a couple inpatient stays in a hospital) combined with the staggering increase in the cost of drugs.

As Christian missionary work failed in the Middle East, nation's like Lebanon, 70 percent Christian in 1970s became Islamic because the Islamic leaders were providing social services. As more Americans decend into poverty in the United States, more American's are converting to Islam. The Christian Church has done more to spread Islam than any other agency or government. The Christian church has turned the truth of God into a lie. They have wasted billions of dollars on hot-button political movements while neglecting the duties imposed upon the Church by God. They have sold hate and exclusivity instead of love and inclusivity. The Christian Church represents the greatest threat to democracy in the world and continues to empower Islamic movements. The Christian Church looks more and more every day like an abomination.


Anonymous said...

!!!??? Islamists providing health care...?! (of course when they kill people, dead people don't need health care anymore!)Christians in America converting to Islam to get health care?!! total nonsense. If someone dosn't like the church they should find logical and better reasons for their hatred!!

Rosemary said...

Who wrote this crap? I'm sorry, but that's what it is. In the '60's, it was used as a political tool to make people dependent on them so that they would vote for them.

Christians have never forgotten their way. We are the ones who do most of the donating of money, time, clothing, food, and missionary work.

Many people like to say we do not do this or that, but they not of what they speak. We do not brag about what we do, because we are too busy doing it.

It was the Church, not the secularists, who fought for to end slavery.

It was the Church, not the secularists, who fought hand in hand with our brothers and sisters for civil rights in the USA.

It was the Church, not the secularists, who founded science.

It was the Church, not the securalists, who demanded education for our children and provided it.

It was the secularists, not the Church, that demanded your money so they could do a better job, so they claimed. It has not happened yet? No kidding!

That is because it was the secularists, not the Church, who told God not to bother coming around here anymore. They wanted nothing to do with him. What did you expect? Hmm?

Craig said...

Rosemary, why do you call them "secularists"? I'm a Christian, but I'm also a secularist.

I prefer to call them atheists. And while they may (or may not be) becoming Muslims, I seriously doubt that many (if any!) Christians are.

I hope Islam has more luck with Western atheists than Christianity has had. God willing, they will all move to Saudi Arabia and Iran after they accept Islam, and do their "good works" in those countries.

Serendip, I'm not a big fan of organized Christianity, but that article seemed unfair, to me.

Mahsheed said...

There is a grain of truth in this but not in the way the author intended.

Roxie is saying that Christians have failed to provide adequate social services, as if the gospel can be reduced to social programs. But our Lord precisely rejected such a ministry.

It is rather Liberal Christianity (the gospel without Christ) which has failed to evangelize the world. Christians have failed to show Muslims that there is an alternative to what they perceive to be their choice: bikini or the burka.

Only a healthy spirituality can prevail over a diseased spirituality, and secularism is another diseased spirituality that cannot even sustain itself.

SERENDIP said...

Christians have failed to show Muslims that there is an alternative to what they perceive to be their choice: bikini or the burka.

That is too true. The christian church is an international organization, which has failed to do this across the world not just the U.S. Why is it the native Peruvian living in the mountains of Peru are converting to Shia Islam? Becaue the Shia missionary there provide them with their basic needs. This holds true for VE, Columbia, even to a certain extent in Mexico. Christian churches need to wake up. They ignore the signs at their own peril.

Thank you for stopping by. Take care and have a great afternoon.

Mahsheed said...


I often stop by your site. I think it must be depressing to cover the news like you do but in the words of the late Pope John Paul II, "be not afraid". It will work out, you'll see.

SERENDIP said...

Mahsheed jan:

Thank you. I really needed to hear some words of encouragment. My husband says the same thing and he wants me to quit. Sometimes it is very disheartning and I just want to give up.

Mahsheed said...

Serendip joon,

Bloggers like you are doing a great service because you are covering events that the mainstream media would otherwise ignore.

But wonderful things are happening.

SERENDIP said...

mahshid jan: Thank you so much. Your support means a great deal.