Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Butcher of Tehran on toruture:"You ain't seen nothin' yet"!

Torture does not yield reliable information and is actually counterproductive in intelligence interrogations. This was the conclusion released by retired senior military interrogators and research psychologists during a press conference at Georgetown University. (see the report here) . However, Mr. Mortazavi (Canada has called for his arrest), the savage butcher that he is doesn't think so. Mr. Mortazavi once again is displaying his persistent bloodlust that can only be satisfied by more guresome methods of torture and even death. He seems to be of a family of vampires with a constant need to kill and torture the innocent people. ( Note:Vampires are doubly bloodthirstier than Darculas). How long must innocent Iranian people continue to pay the price so that the vampires can continue their parasitic lives?

Kamangir: Saeed Mortazavi called the parents of the three imprisoned students Mansouri, Ghasaban and Tavakkoli to meet them in his office. The Public Prosecutor of Tehran told the families, “We warned you so many times to not talk to anyone, to not give interviews, to not spread the news about section 209 in Evin Prison, to not meet anyone, and you have done them all. I have transferred your kids to solitary confinement and they will be there while you keep doing what you have been doing. Till then, you will not meet them and there will be no phone call. When the families complained that their sons have confessed under torture, he said “Who says they were tortured? I am the person who says if they were tortured and I say they were not. We have not started the torture yet for you to know what torture is. The confessions have not been made under pressure”. “Your kids have to sign self-condemnation to be released” [Pearsian].


Saeed Mortazavi (سعید مرتضوی) is an Iranian judge and the General Prosecutor of Tehran.
Mortazavi became well-known as a hardline special judge for the press court. During his term at the press court, he ordered the closure of about 80[citation needed] pro-reform newspapers that supported Mohammad Khatami in 1999 on blanket charges. In 2003, he was appointed as the general prosecutor of Tehran, Iran. This promotion caused an outcry from the reformist members of the Majlis of the time.
Mortazavi received international attention and a call for his arrest after he attended the first meeting of the U.N. Human Rights Council as a representative of Iran. Canada called for Mortazavi’s arrest in Germany due to his suspected complicity in the illegal arrest, rape, torture and murder of Canadian-Iranian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi in 2003. Official Iranian government inquiries found that Mortazavi took part in Kazemi’s interrogation and repeatedly attempted to obstruct the investigation into Kazemi’s death, including through intimidation of government officials and coercion of witnesses to produce false or altered testimony. Human rights organizations have implicated Mortazavi in illegal detentions, the torture of detainees, and coercing false confessions, and he is considered one of Iran's highest-profile rights violators, as he bears significant responsibility for turning Iran's judiciary into a tool of ongoing political crackdown.
The Canadian criminal code now gives the Canadian courts jurisdiction to prosecute torturers even if the torture occurs outside of Canada. If Canada can build a case against Mortazavi, it can request his arrest and extraditon.

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