Friday, August 17, 2007

Feds pay $80,000 over anti-Bush T-shirts

In the United States if you wear an anti-Bush T-shirt, you'll be awarded $80,000 in court. In Iran, if you wear, speak, think or write anything anti-Islamic Republic, you'll be arrested and sent to Evin-prison's "suite 209".


Bita said...

The Pic is funny. thanks Serendip jan

Anonymous said...

wow! where do they sell these T-shirts? I want one ( of course if it comes with that $80000)LOL

Anonymous said...

In Iran that is taken hostage by the Islamists, you also receive punches to your face and body, lashes on your back, spits on your face, slaps on your face and neck, kicks to your body and more.

Then, the Islamists advance their manic sexual drive with kisses on your face and touches your private parts. Islam only teaches barbarism. The believer is Allah's chosen one and the rest of people deserve any kind of treatment the Allah's believer thinks comfortable with his/her own taste.

Free Iran from Islamist cult.

Frieda said...

Isn't that amazing!