Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Iran develops 900-kg "smart bomb" - official media

photo: Farsnews

Reuters:- Iran has developed a 2,000-pound (900-kg) "smart bomb", official media quoted a Defence Ministry statement as saying on Wednesday, in the latest announcement from Tehran about progress regarding military hardware. Iran often says it has built new arms or upgraded weapons but rarely gives enough details for analysts to determine their capabilities. Although much of Iran's weaponry is outmoded, analysts say Iran has become proficient at modifying such arms. And from Fars News:
The Iranian defense ministry said that it will start production lines for manufacturing other military tools and arsenals next week on the occasion of the Week of Government. The 2000-pound bomb, equipped with an intelligent guiding system, is produced by few countries due to the advanced technical know-how required for its production and Iran is the last in the chain of countries which have succeeded in developing the technology. Ghased has been successfully test fired by such fighter jets as F4 and F5.
The guided bomb, named Qased (Messenger), was developed by specialists within the ministry and is now operational, IRNA news agency said, adding it could be dropped from F-4 and F-5 jets.

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