Thursday, August 30, 2007

IRI Threatens Families of the victims of the September Massacre of 1987

Every year for the past 18 years, families of the victims of 1987-88 bloody massacre (mostly young girls and boys) of Iran's political prisoners, ordered by genocidal Khomeini , have gathered around an arid and desolate piece of land near Khavaron district in Tehran to pay homage to their loved ones.

These heroes were unflappable in their quest for justice and liberty. They did not cower or shrink from their ideals at the hands Khomeini's psychopathic religious thugs. Make no mistake, they did not die in vain. Their stories are yet to be told and discovered by future generations.

Mothers and fathers who lost their sons and daughters weep at unknown graves. Children who never got to know their parents, place flowers and sing the anthems their parents sang before they were executed. Below, Watch the video clip from years past.

This year, however, which marks the 19th anniversary of the mass executions, the families and friends of the victims have been threatned and warned by the Islamic Republic Intelligence officers (read goons and thugs) not to gather at the site in rememberance of their loved ones .

Almost, 19 years have passed but the pain remains fresh for many of those who are still mourning at the unmarked and non-existence and imaginary graves of their sons and daughters, fathers, and mothers. The subject is still taboo in Iranian press and no official has yet been brought to justice for this crimes against humanity.

How was this grave site discovered?

The public became alerted of the mass graves only when they noticed large gathering of over enthusiastic stray dogs, scavenging for bones. The exact number of those who were executed is unknown. The estimates are around 30,000.

This massive extermination of dissidents was done within a period of one month. (see my previous post).

You can find some of the victims names --the list is still being compiled since the whereabouts of many others are still unknown.

If you did not already know (or somehow forgot), you may learn that firing on bound and blindfolded captives, especially teenagers and pregnant women, is an Islamic pastime and a virtue (if not a turn-on!), in short an integral part of the new-found pride in Iranian revolutionary identity. According to one of the survivors of this massacre, Iraj Mesdaghi, author of the book "Neither life or Death" many true believers signed up to become 'the executioners' and 'the torturers' in order to do "Allah's will". The list of volunteer torturers and executioners was so long that they had to wait in a waiting list.

You can also visit Omid Cyber Memorial for the names of more victims of the Holy crimes of the Islamic Republic of Terrorists.

At present, there are thousands of political prisoners in Iran, being tortured and are in imminent danger of being executed.
photos and materials from Potkin's and Nana's blog.

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twoshorties said...

Our Salutation to those who were unjustly murdered by the Islamic Regime of Iran.

May there be a day, when we rejoice together for we have saved Iran from a total destruction.