Sunday, August 26, 2007

"We are a World Power"--Ahmadinejad

بيخود می ترسيدند جنگ شود

ما فقط قدت منطقه نيستيم

بلکه قدرت جهانی هستيم!

فقط يکی دو کشورند که غرورشان اجازه نمی دهد بگويند ايران اتمی را پذيرفته اند. قضيه تمام شده و ما از گردنه اتمی گذشتيم و به ساحل آرامش رسيديم و پرونده اتمی ايران هم از شورای امنيت به آژانس انرژی اتمی برگردانده خواهد شد. بيخودی راه افتاده اند به اين بانک و آن بانک می روند و می گويند فعاليت هايشان را با ايران قطع کنند. در آينده خبرهای خوشی درباره پيشرفت های اتمی می

"They were afraid of war for nothing"

"We are not only a regional power;

But a world Power

"There are only a couple of countries that their pride doesn't let them to say that they have accepted the Nuclear Iran. The issue is a done deal and we have passed the atomic milestone (turning point) and have reached the shores of tranquility. Iran's nuclear file in the UN security council will be returned to the IAEA. They've (the U.S.) launched this useless campaign of going from one international bank to another and telling them to stop their relationship with the Iranian government...In the future, I will have good news about our nuclear progress"--President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


Bita said...

whenever this idiot talks, my blood boils!

RoxieAmerica said...

bita, it makes perfect sense. He is a barbarian. He has a lust for power. He is filled with arrogance.

evilislam said...

No ,he is just another one of those drop outs who invaded my countre 1425 years ago and he represent the same Evil Islam as early days of their occupation.
My IRAN would be the first country to kick Evil Islam out and i just can't wait to see that DAY.
Payande IRAN va marg bar Tazi va marame Kaseeftar az khodesh.

Winston said...

A world power which 90% of its people are hungry and drug addicts.... Yep, thats what I call power too.... ;-)