Thursday, September 13, 2007

Daily tune up

Today is the most important day of the year.

Again.It's the first day of the new kabbalistic year. Humanity is 5768 years old today. And as a human, this means today is your birthday. The birthday of your soul, that is.In the offices of the Upper Worlds, our cosmic files are being reviewed - the choices we could have made differently, the words we could have chose better, the times we could have given more.

So in the Lower Worlds, i.e. Earth, you may feel heavy, lethargic, perhaps even tense and curt when dealing with others.In the same way that the seed contains the tree and all of the fruits it will bear, today is the seed of the year. Our task therefore is to behave today in the fashion we'd like to see our behavior all year round - despite the air of judgment coming from above. Plant as many positive seeds as you can this year.How? Be happier, calmer, more secure, and more connected to the Light than you previously thought possible.


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Anonymous said...

Unfortunatley we didn't turn into old wise men or women.we got old and stupid with Alzeimer desease.6000 years of living like savages. The good news is that after a rest for one whole day (one thousand years) the next week or the next 6 thousand years is supposed to be much better.its heart warming to know this!LOL