Sunday, September 09, 2007

Everything is a test

Most of us find it easy to accept the idea of a Creator and a cause and effect principle at work in our universe when things are going well.

We just as readily doubt the existence of a Creator, however, when we face a sudden obstacle or stressful situation. The kabbalists teach us that absolutely everything is a test. If we can maintain certainty in the Light when adversity strikes, we will pass the test and the Light will work for us 100 percent of the time.

This is a simple concept to grasp but a difficult one to live by. Practice holding on today by viewing your challenges in this light.


Sherry said...

I agree with you whole heartedly. We are all facing trials and tribulations each and everyday.
Everyday is a new test for all of us. Wonderful post!

RoxieAmerica said...

To envision God as someone who tests people just to see if they can pass the test makes God rather small.

I believe those things in life, that test us, are most often humankind-made, most often made of things God never intended.

In all things, some religious-minded folks say we should give thanks; but that's a hard concept to embrace at times -- do we give thanks for those who harm us? How about those who kill our family members? Isn't rather absurb to give thanks for Osama bin Laden?

Life is not as simple as it would nice to be, not as neat as it would be nice to be, not as peaceful as it would be nice to be, and not as easy as we would like it be -- therefore, I can only be me.

Humankind my test my endurance, humankind may test my strength, humankind may test my love, and humankind my test my understanding of the universe, but God never tests me -- he just loves me, with all my imperfections.

Sherry said...

Ever read the book of Job in the Holy Bible? Try reading it. It's a good eye opener.