Friday, September 14, 2007

IRGC Commander:"Chaos in Iraq Is Good For Iran"

A few days ago, Iran's state-run newspaper, Jam-e-Jam published the newly-appointed IRGC commander's speech where in a remarkable display of unbridled honesty he said, “If the enemy succeeded in securing Iraq, they would definitely attack Iran. Fortunately, and thanks to Muslims of the region, they failed in this conspiracy.” He added “If they are not sure about their plans, that’s because of their failure in Iraq”. “The Islamic Iran has turned into a great regional power…and all world powers are anxious about the power of the Islamic Republic of Iran”, he concluded [Persian].

This provoctive admission was not reported anywhere in the MSM. If anyone knows of this news being reported anywhere in English, please let notify me. Is this not news to our wonderful MSM?

Link via kamangir


Gayle said...

Is this not news to our wonderful MSM?

Evidently not, Serendip. I haven't heard it anywhere else and I don't exactly live in a cave.

RoxieAmerica said...

Iran decided to fight the US in Iraq so they would not have to fight them in Iran. It appears to have worked.

Frieda said...

"menace comes from Iran" ...

read this article and finally Iraqis have awaken and they see Iran as the evil: