Thursday, September 13, 2007

Arresting dogs for being un-Islamic

Kamangir has this heart-wrenching report of dogs being arrested and taken away from their owners because they are deemed as un-Islamic and dirty. These dogs are then are subjected to living in horrible conditions. See Kamangir 's Photoblog for more pictures.


Babak said...

Islam is dark, backward, and cruel. Iranians tried so hard to give Islam a nice face and eventually lost to its deep savagery and hate.

Islam has nothing good to offer. In Quran, you find only four or five times on Love, the rest is hate and killing others.

Hope Iranian to become Iranian again.

Jungle Mom said...


saggezard said...

On the bright side of the canine arrests: the Grand Ayatollah should be on his way to doggy jail shortly.

Gayle said...

No, it really isn't unbelievable. Muslims don't like dogs. They think they are dirty. Muslim cab drivers have refused to carry passengers who are carrying small dogs.

Your commenter Babak is exactly right. Islam is indeed dark, backwards and cruel, but we knew that. *sigh*