Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The real face of Islamic Republic

The video is an interview with Khomeini's most trusted hatchet man, nicknamed the "hanging judge". His real name was Judge Khalkali. "Khalkhali is known to have been one of Khomeini's circle of disciples as far back as 1955[3] and is reported to have reconstructed the former secret society of Islamic assassins known as the Fadayan-e Islam after its suppression.[4], but was not a well-known figure to the public prior to the Islamic Revolution.

On February 24, 1979, however, Khalkhali was chosen by Ayatollah Khomeini to be the Sharia ruler (حاکم شرع in Persian) or head the newly established Revolutionary Courts, and to make Islamic rulings. In the early days of the revolution he sentenced to death "hundreds of former government officials" on charges such as "spreading corruption on earth" and "warring against God."[5] Most of the condemned did not have access to a lawyer or a jury."

The man is an appalling violent monster who casually talks about executing individuals without due process. He basically says, laws and due process are "Western concepts" and "we do not abide by the Western laws. We don't need to find out exactly what happened. We ask them, if they were head of this or that department and if they say "Yes", then we execute them because they have already confessed to being the official or head of this and that....and that is all we need."

He also unequivocally confesses that Islam's interest take precedent over Iran's interest as a nation. Another very interesting thing that is revealed in this interview for the first time, is Khomeini's and Ayatollah Montazeri's inclination to change the Persian Gulf name into Islamic Gulf, which would not sit well with the general public.

In the clip, he also talks about "exporting the Iranian revolution" to the region. He says, "We don't have to do anything, our revolution will inspire other countries in the region, to become Islamic and get rid of their leaders, monarchs" and so on. As we all know, that is not true, the Islamic Republic has done everything possible short of direct confrontation with other regimes and nations to achieve its main foreign policy goal of exporting the revolution: Founding Hizballah, Arming terrorists, Establishing cells/lobbyist and fake Islamic centers throughout the world, assassinating oppositions abroad, issuing death threats to infidels,etc.

This interview was taped 28 years ago and his predictions are not too far off in regards to exporting militant Islam in the ME.

Not Much has changed since Khalkhli. No, that is not entirely true; the IR has American and Iranian lobbyists/Iran-experts/pundits on the Hill

Iran’s judiciary has sentenced to death a Kurdish teacher, Farzad Kamangar, and two other people on charges of being members of the Kurdish Workers’ Party, an armed opposition group that has led an insurgency against Turkey. Mr. Kamangar and those sentenced with him have appealed the verdict. According to Iran’s penal code, armed opposition against the government is punishable by death.


The point is that Iran is under occupation by a group of run of the mill ex-hoodlums and ex-criminals.

Mr. Obama: happy negotiation!

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Azarmehr said...

This bastard killed a friend of mine just so that he could make his numbers for the day. My friend was just an innocent by stander on the day he was arrested, he was not involved in anything, he was never tried. This maniac butcher just wanted to make a round number of people he executed before he went home. I spit on his grave.